We all have multiple social media accounts where we post all our data. Legally, we own it but in essence the social media websites own them.

What will happen if your social media website terminates your account for the grave crime of "violating the terms and conditions"? You just forget your data and move on.

But it will not happen with IOwnMyData. You are the owner of all the data that you publish on the web. Our project helps you do that easily.

What it does

Just sign up with your social media accounts and ta-da, all your data is now backed up.

What? Still locked in to our platform? No, we let you download your data to your local storage and/or to your cloud storage. The best part? All your media files are saved as well.

So my dear Instagram influencer, do not worry, all your media is safe and with YOU

How we built it

We used the APIs of various social media websites to fetch user data (after authentication) and save the user created posts to our cloud storage. We have created a single timeline for all social media posts so that all the activity is visible on a single page. The data is stored as JSON. So whenever the user requests his/her/their data, the JSON file gets downloaded. All the media files in the social media posts are also downloaded and given to the user on their choice of storage (cloud/local).

Challenges we ran into

It was tough storing all of the social media content in a format that allows us to search them as per our wish. We had to experiment with multiple storage formats before we could finalize on one and start on it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The storage works pretty well and now we can backup all of our social media data on our Google drive account in case we do not have access to them. It also looks pretty as a single timeline for all social media accounts. The profile URL can be now shared everywhere from where our friends can reach out to us on any specific handle

What we learned

  1. How to handle multiple social media APIs and handling large amounts of data
  2. Creating efficient database structures for faster search and retrieval
  3. Authentication of users with the various social media profiles

What's next for I Own My Data

  1. Integrating more social media profiles including LinkedIn, Quora
  2. Integrating social media analytics
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