Inspired in Pixar short films and Point & Click games. Trying to interactively tell a story which contained a small puzzle for the user to solve in order to move forward in the experience.

How it works

Ours had to find and then place a series of mysterious lights, thus illuminating his tiny world.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge was learning to develop webVR based on webGL, discovering the particular quirks it had when creating a project for Cardboard (it had to be optimized for smartphones) or Oculus. But apart from the opportunity of modeling and animating a character, working with audio3D in the scene or using different particles throughout the experience.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

As in art books or Pixar shorts, I created a Color Script with screenshots for different moments of the experience. I like to think that because of the interactivity, every viewer will see a different order of colors.

What I learned

How the world of 3D web and the emergence of VR give us the opportunity to offer new ways of interacting with content and to create new ways of storytelling .

What's next for I N S P I R I T

For future projects, we want to use textures in our characters, optimize and reuse characters by dynamically customizing their dimensions, and create more complex narratively experiences

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