Do your kids miss you when you're away? Of course, they do! Let them tell it to Alexa, and surprise them with your own voice!

Say "Alexa, open I miss. What is my unique id?" to gather your id for the mobile application. Download "I miss" mobile application from your Android device (iOS application is under construction):

Enter the acquired id for authentication (This is a one-time requirement unless you log out). Record&and send your voice via "I Miss" mobile app (Requires internet connection). Let your kids say "Alexa, open I miss, I miss my mom/dad". And it will play whatever you have recorded for the little members of your family.

Try recording some comforting sentences, tell some stories, moreover​, make some surprises by hiding things and giving some clues. Your voice will always be with them, even if you are having a rough day at work.

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