Thought it would be a cool thing to work with string manipulation so I just did it.

What it does

It searches for a word in the English dictionary and then tells you the equivalent to it in my gibberish

How I built it

Got a list of every word in the english language and a python script to split by syllable to compile a list of every syllable in the world. I used stuff like sed and awk to make this list smaller and got ride of syllables that are too long, duplicates etc...

Challenges I ran into

Finding a way to split words into syllables was hard, I also had a hard time doing finding the data in the text file as it was so large.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I made something that I'm proud of in a short time on my own.

What I learned

I've improved my python massively, my nodejs a bit, and my knowledge of the linux terminal immensly

What's next for I made my own language

Uhmmm... well I'll probably write a few religious text books in this language and bury them in key holy places in an attempt to start my own cult.

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