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What it does

Do you ever get people poking over your shoulder unexpectedly, and then you quickly pull up a new tab or the Google home page, it might work once or twice but eventually they'll figure out that you have something to hide. What this does, is that it redirects you to set of preset pages long you to be seemingly always in the middle of work no matter what happens. So first you start off at the home page click get started and you're read with this wonderfully gooey here and what you're going to do is really your skin ah add a new link so we're going to say Google organ and add Google News and for productivity sake, let's add Google Maps. No, when you refresh this page you'll always be taking back your settings however once you go into unproductive dot space onto any other path, you'll be redirected to one of the chosen URLs. It's really that simple.

How we built it

Target built this piece of productivity software, we had to leverage react and LocalStorage, to create a rather lightweight experience. There’s also an integer as a service API, because of course it’s physically impossible to use too many APIs.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges that rain into, or that I could not figure out how to get SVG animations working properly between multiple frames, which led to my idea of a synchronized pandemonium state not being realized.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A nice, production ready app is ready to be used. Granted there could be a bit more transitions, but overall it’s still a very polished experience.

What we learned

Learned more stuff about how React interfaces with the DOM, and the challenges of that. In addition, tons of context2D and SVG stuff (that was sadly impossible to make it into the final version).

What's next for I'm Productive

A few next steps that I would’ve liked to implement is the collectivized panic system, where if somebody gets redirected, it’ll play a sound of someone screaming

Built With

  • integer-as-a-service
  • react
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