Whenever I am hungry and wonder what I want to eat, I go to Yelp to find out what to eat and where to go to eat. However, I got frustrated about the large amount of information that Yelp UI provided. Yet, what I wanted was a simple visual way to see available foods like Instagram Explore or a Pinterest page given the user's geolocation.

What it does

It shows Yelp food photos of nearby area like Instagram Explore or Pinterest. It aims to help users to make a decision about what to eat in a shorter time than one would at Yelp.

How I built it

We used Yelp API to search restaurants around the user's geolocation, crawled Yelp food photos, and displayed them as tiles of photos.

Challenges I ran into

Yelp API does not provide the business photos data, so we had to make multiple requests to crawl through the page. This challenge was optimized by using PyPy instead of Python 2, and caching the urls. However, Yelp started to block our server once we put it public due to increased traffic.

What I learned

Learn API terms and conditions before you start adopt an API.

What's next for I'm Hungry!

Reach out to Yelp if they have plan to open business photos data into their APIs.


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