Inspiration: My inspiration for entering this Buildathon is because my husband and I got our nonprofit approved about four months ago. The nonprofit space is a new place for us so when I saw the Buildathon, I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to learn about how to get supporters as well as sharing my expertise with those who may be looking to reinvent themselves by learning the latest trending voice technology.

What it does: Our website is a free platform connecting donors with nonprofits so they can continue to support their favorite charity while social distancing using online resources. Donors can search for and learn of online support fundraising ideas that is sure to provide them with opportunities to engage with family and friends in support beyond donations to continue bringing awareness to their favorite charity. They will make fundraising events memorable, fun and impactful while helping their nonprofit deliver services and programs from mental health, food, education and so much more.

How I built it: Well, to be honest I actually developed an Alexa Skill first but decided to build a website also using Wordpress since it seemed easier to integrate the Amazon Pay.

Challenges I ran into Ok, so let's talk about challenges. For some reason Alexa was not pronouncing LIVE correct and I wasn't quite sure on how to add the Amazon Pay code so I switched to creating the website. The challenges with the website were many but since I am one to keep plucking at something, I toughed it out. There were a lot of pieces involved because I had a website theme, then I had to get Woocommerce Theme then I had to integrate the Amazon Pay which actually was not bad it was just very busy. I clicked on the wrong button because I could not get everything to show up on my website properly so I "thought" I was deleting just a certain section that I was having a problem with and deleted "everything". For a minute, I really was going to say forget it. So, I don't have everything on the website I would like right now but it a work in progress.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: I am sooooo glad I was able to get a finished product!

What I learned: I do understand how difficult it is to work a full-time job, work my hobbies and take care of home.

What's next for I Love I Give Support To Charities: - I cannot wait for donors to take advantage of the online fundraising ideas that will not only benefit your favorite nonprofit but the donors also!

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