We all agreed that it's way too awkward to summon a server at a restaurant. Bay Area joints are so often busy that the servers can even be hard to reach with silent gestures.

What it does

It makes ordering more food and ordering more drinks simpler than a text message. With our app, you can order a drink or a snack as soon as you decide you want it. You don't have to worry about waving down the wait staff only to wait longer. We also incentivize servers at restaurants to encourage their customers to order a drink or a snack as soon as they want one with our app.

How I built it

It was a team effort. We worked through Python and Objective-C challenges on two MacBooks and a MacBookAir. We worked part of the day from the Pier and part of the day from a team member's apartment downtown. Most importantly, we collaborated to build on the strength of each other's knowledge and skillset.

Challenges I ran into

Objective- C is a pain for me. Others on the team struggled with one of the APIs because the documentation could be improved.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting the guys together. We are a formidable creative force.

What I learned

We need to be nice to each other because we're doing our best.

What's next for I'll Have Another

Probably nothing. It's done. It was pretty fun but two of us run growing startups, and another runs infrastructure at GE.

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