What is laugh, why do we laugh, when do we laugh, what are the benefits from laughing? Well ... does it really matter? :) We just want to laugh, to feel the laugh, to laugh louder, to feel happy, to make others laugh and feel happier. If Happiness is contagious, Laugh is the best disease :)

With "I Laugh You" on your phone, you feel and spread Happiness all the time - enjoy top rated or random laughs, make them your favorites and send yours. No registrations, no sign in, no restrictions - this is Happiness.

We started working on our idea about two months ago, when a friend of ours told us about the Challenge. We were excited and inspired in the beginning and really happy in the end. The result is an app, entirely dedicated to Happiness and the Happiness Challenge. After the Challenge we will freely release the app in the iTunes and provide Android version to reach more people.

Feel Happy, spread Happiness. The jBoxers team

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