Have you heard of smart waste? We got you! I Know Trash is the first cloud-based recycling and trash bid that will revolutionize the way we think about trash and will help us determine whether something is recyclable or not.

What it does

I Know Trash introduces the first Cloud-enabled trash bin at DragonHacks 2019 to reinvent how we think about recycling and trash. Our state-of-the-art bin uses Google Cloud Vision API to determine whether something is trash or recycling and allocate it into an appropriate trash bag.

How we built it

Our project uses a webcam that is connected to the raspberry pi which is running Google's Vision API to determine what item was placed on the top of the trash can. Then, based on what the user has placed in the trash can, drop the item using an automated lid into an appropriate area.

Challenges we ran into

Implementing Google Cloud Vision API on a raspberry pi takes a lot of nerves

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Coded 40% of the project done on the 6-inch raspberry pi display Creating a website for the project First time using Google Cloud API Building our own opening mechanisms

What we learned

We learned how to automate using Raspberry Pi, how to implement real-time image recognition

What's next for I Know Trash

Record the items thrown away and store it in a blockchain Have a mobile app that will tell the user if it's time to take out the trash

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