Investing in crypto is an investment for the future with many benefits, like swiftness, low transaction fee, the government cannot take it away, chargebacks are absent, no one can steal personal data and there is no inflation. So how is it possible that only 8 percent of Americans are invested in cryptocurrencies?

Reasons is that more than 40 percent of the Americans said there is no reason to invest in crypto, 35 percent said the risk is too high, 27% said it’s too difficult and more then 18% said it’s a scam.

With ivest we have the goal that every American knows what crypto is and invest step by step in crypto to make amazing goals in life possible!

With ivest

  • you will get the most update information in crypto
  • you will learn about crypto with the connection of many podcast, like Kraken
  • you can make your own goals and risk level

ivest: Learn, invest and get the most relevant information about crypto, in a way thats easy and fun!

What it does

A Telegram chatbot where people will get the most update information in crypto and advice, simply by chatting with it!

How we built it

The bot uses a NodeJS back-end and uses Google's Dialogflow NLP to process language. Whenever a new request is made to the bot it is sent to Dialogflow which in turn will give us the corresponding intent and any parameters that the user has entered. (such as asset, e.g. XBT or ETH)

In order for us to be able to send multiple Telegram messages we have to use the Telegram API since Dialogflow only allows 1 response. Obviously, we also use Kraken's public API and Cryptowatch to get data such as current price and % difference since price open.

We have a bunch of GIFs which we host on an S3 bucket and randomly select one when we need one. You may see multiple different responses when the bot doesn't understand something. This is done to reduce the chances that the user gets frustrated and this way we also provide the user with some unexpected answers. We call this gracefully handling unknown input.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The user experience, the friendly and fun way of supplying data to the user, and the many ways a user can ask a question to get to the answer

What we learned

Google Diagflow NLP. We have never used this, so it was a challenge for us to work with.

What's next for I ivest

Build connections with more crypto channels, so users will get always the most important information, based on their goals.

Built With

  • cryptowatch
  • google's-dialogflow-nlp
  • krakenapi
  • node.js
  • telegramapi
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