This idea came from a previous hackathon, where a prototype app was developed to notify people who collects recycled items where there are people with useful resources. In this emergency the same approach can be used for food banks to be notified about food resources donated by organizations and individuals. I also could help small communities with no food banks where people want to offer food to people in need but they are not able to bring the items due to quarantine measures.

The problem

It is estimated that currently one third of the global population is under lockdown (1) due to COVID19. Taking into account that 46% of population earns less than $5.5 a day (2) it could be possible that 1.2 billion people had issues on accessing food because they cannot work during lockdown and have no income to purchase food.

What it does

People who have the food resources use an app to enter information about the kind and quantity of food, then publish them in the platform. People can subscribe to receive notifications through SMS when an item is available. Information includes address so the person or organization can coordinate to pick it up.

This project is intended for food banks and individuals that need basic supplies during the crisis. The objective public are people in developing countries where not all people in need have internet access but they can receive SMS through cellular networks.

How I built it

Prototype in iOS with swift and notifications platform with Vonage (Formerly Nexmo) to send SMS to a demo subscriber

Challenges I ran into

Put the SMS demo in operation

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Contributing with this idea to the solution of food distribution issues during quarantine times.

What I learned

Way of communication with recipients varies in terms of the technology they have available. I selected SMS for notifications because is accesible and affordable for most people.

What's next for RekiApp I have it, you pick it up

Find an sponsor to build the complete platform - Long version video HERE

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