The spark was flashed in my head up on the road driving to my local bank when the bank teller claimed that my signature in the bank's database doesn't match the one I signed for my brother's check. the one-hour driving time at 9:00AM gave me the space to think about how if there was a kind of portable machine to print a unified and patterned signature machine

What it does

It is an IoT device that can pair with your smartphone and print your saved SVG signature once you roll it over a piece of paper. Also, it notifies you about the signature activity like signature data, time, place, and so on.

How I built it

first, I built the electronic circuit. Then, I wrote a code and uploaded to configure the bluetooth4.0 chip. Then, I purchased a normal stamper machine to fabricate it. After fabrication, I assembled the electronics with the fabricated stamper. After that, I started to work on the mobile app that has to pair with the IoT gadget using a couple of tools like mit-app-inventor for system design, amazon-AWS service to host the cloud data, android studio for android version and Xcode for creating an iOS version

Challenges I ran into

Mainly, I ran into some technical challenges. But one of the painful issue I faced is when we have to order some electronic components, it took months to arrive my place as I live in the Middle East where good components ![and talents] are not available

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I feel very proud that I have been able to convert my problem that I faced with my local bank into a potential opportunity. Then, into a real solution for that problem. That experience made me think like a real entrepreneur

What I learned

Lots of technical stuff. And most important thing I've learned is that working as a team with my developer and brainstorming the small ideas can really end up with great output

What's next for I

My goal is to convert my prototype to commercial product by finding a suitable VC who can help me manufacture the finished product

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