Inspired by my friends, family, and my dog, Poopy. It's finally here!

What it does

Quickly locates open, nearby places (from Google Places) that most likely facilitate public restrooms. It also is self reenforcing allowing users to enter in public restrooms. Users can get rewarded in poops in a number of ways: reviewing bathrooms and gaining upvotes on their reviews, marking a bathroom as all-gender, and verifying an unverified bathroom that was automatically entered by Google.

How I built it

I built the web app using Node.js, MongoDB, and React. The database is served on mLab and the server is deployed on Heroku.

How it works

My server first searches in its own database for verified public restrooms that are near the user. Then, it uses Google Places to search up places that are most likely to have public restrooms. These places are of one of the five types that I handpicked: 'cafe', 'gas_station', 'store', 'liqour_store', 'bar'. Each type is of equal priority. The total result of what my server picks is no more than 30 places. All of the places that Google picked are unverified, but if a user decide to, they can verify it to become persistent on the database. Once a bathroom is in the database, it can be reviewed, rated, and marked as all-gender.

Challenges I ran into

I tried using Navisens, but unfortunately it's not for the web browser; I additionally tried it on iOS, but it didn't work on my phone. Working alone, I had to manage a lot of tasks.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I pooped twice this hackathon! Just look at my reviews on i gotta go!

What I learned

I learned that a healthy poop means a healthy body.

What's next for i gotta go!

Adding more ways to earn your poops, creating user authentication, and saving user session, so that your poops are persistent!

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