At I-Elect, we believe data is the new teacher. We noticed that in education and in every other sector in the world at large, the power of big data cannot be overestimated. Data boosts open distance, personalized and customized learning. The educational system around the world including that of Nigeria, has a problem with collecting accurate data, processing, and analyses of data for informed decisions in education.

What it does

A network of decentralized system and learning communities powered by BIG DATA to Create, Engage and Educate using Surveys, Polls thereby ensuring user generated data. I-Elect is revolutionizing the educational sector. With the power of Big Data and Blockchain, I-elect provides a platform to create and participate in polls, surveys and people centered data This data is analyzed responses systematically by extracting information through our unique algorithms and data models and can be viewed by all. I-elect offers personalized and customized learning while also keeping users privacy. Users earn points based on engagements and interactions leading to increase in community activity.

How I built it

We built this project using the MERN javascript stack (Mongodb, Express, Reactjs, Nodejs) and Blockstack

Challenges I ran into

  1. Technicality of Algorithms to ensure proper analysis of data for students
  2. We had a lot Issues registering our Linode account, so we had to improvise and use Netify.
  3. Our Backend working perfectly offline but when pushed for hosting flagging errors on server
  4. We also encounter another obstacle during the registration of our .XYZ domain.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are happy that we could pursue the hackathon idea, making a working model of what looked like a very big idea to work on. I'm glad to have worked on a project that i want to scale up and get it adopted by institutions all over africa

What I learned

-Teamwork -Creativity -Problem-solving

What's next for i-Elect

 I am excited on what the future holds for i - Elect
  • We are currently building engaging productivity features and refining our unique algorithms that will analyze big data in real time
  • Integration of our big data to a personalized learning assistant device
  • Personalized and customized learning based on user's track activity
  • To launch, scale-up with a target of 5 million active users in the next 3 years
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