My friend Jesse (aka Tommy Toussaint) saw a game project that I worked on and asked me if I'd like to collaborate with him. I'd heard his song "I Don't Wanna Cry" and loved it. I'd also been kicking around the idea of a game that uses multi-tasking with mult-touch that could be played by a single person, or multiple people on the same touch screen device.

What it does

I combined the two things and made a series of four touch based mini-games that follow the narrative of the song and in the end all play together. So you are playing each individual mini-game as the song narrative is unfolding, and at the end you use multi-touch to play all the mini-games at once. A single player can multi-task and play them all at the same time, or team up with a friend or friends to try to get a better score.

How I built it

Using Unity, C#, and a pixel art package called RagePixel.

Challenges I ran into

We wanted to time the release with Tommy Toussaint's EP, so the deadline was the biggest challenge ;)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Animating pixel art was fun.

What I learned

One thing that was interesting is that I tried to position this project as a game, but a few people have told me I may have been better off calling it an "interactive music video."

What's next for I Don't Wanna Cry

The Lenovo app store I guess!

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