We love music and seeing our favourite artists live in a show. However, we're from Barcelona, and Spain is often ignored by bands and singers, who prefer to go to other european cities as Milan, Paris, London or Cologne. (Even then, we're lucky to be in Barcelona; if they come to Spain, it's usually the only city they don't miss.) Searching for the flights and the show tickets when you have to go abroad is hard; you have to seek the best price combining both things, and maybe even compare currencies.

What it does

Our webapp does all the work above for you: just input the name of an artist you'd like to see live and what's your departure city, and it will return all their shows, with the cheapest flight and ticket available.

How we built it

We used React for the webpages and Bootstrap for the style. To grab the prices for the flight tickets we used the Skyscanner API, and the Ticketmaster API for the show tickets.

Challenges we ran into

Two of us had never used React so we had to learn (and one of us didn't have any experience with web development), so at the start we were quite lost while the third one was working on the backend.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Connecting with the APIs to obtain all the needed data successfully and quickly (it was done before midnight)
  • Learning about web development, using React

What we learned

We mainly learned about web development and connecting with APIs to grab the information we need.

What's next for I don't give a gig

  • Adding hotel prices so the user has the whole package (transport, show, stay)
  • Connecting with Spotify to show the user their favourite artists directly
  • Expanding to other events that aren't music shows (theatre plays, musicals, sport matches...)


We could not deploy to AWS so the domain is not working. It works in local.

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