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The Covid situation and its consequences have been tough on most of us. Because of the lockdown we tend to slip towards bad habits and demotivation. To combat that we decided to create an app for encouraging positive life attitude.

So, we hacked I Did It. Beautiful, simple to use and engaging activity tracker. However, it's not just another ordinary habit tracker. We packed cool features including lively swiping controls for the tracking. We don't have just binary 'yes' or 'no' state, but to complete all four swiping directions also 'almost' and 'skipped' ones. Another feature of our app, we feel is important, is its socialness, since you can create activity challenges and share them with your friends.

As for technology, we decided to try out Google's cross-platform framework Flutter with simple SQlite database, so the app can run on both Android and iOS. We had close to none prior experience with reactive programming, but developing in Flutter was a great and recommendable experience. We also prototyped the design in Figma.

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