"I deserve" is an interactive, easy to use tool that incorporates ongoing coaching.  There are 4 areas: food, sport, study, and chores.  Kids collect points every day in these areas  by fulfilling a set of requirements tailored specifically for them. 

Food section consist of a set of requirements for everyday eating habits. These can be customized for each child and some help tools are provided.

By selecting age, gender and activity level, user is receiving  recommended daily calories and serving sizes for each of five major food groups. Serving examples and tips are also given.

Recommendations are based on  MyPyramid developed by USDA .Links to more detailed information are included. Parents can change the number of points for each food group according to importance. 

Sport ( physical activity), study and chores are fully customizable sections. Link to physical activity informations is provided. 

Every day, child ( with parent help if needed ) will decide if he/she followed his/her requirements for food, physical activity, study and chores by selecting yes/no/not required today/ answers. It will only take a few minutes each day to complete. Any number of children can have their own account on the app.

Results are displayed as earned points and % of all required points, daily and weekly. Based on these, a parent may establish rewards. 

At the end of the day or week, a child can say, "I deserve….. a reward."


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