Initially, we wanted to create a wearable technology that would help the largest demographic of the population. With the baby boomers ageing, and our community becoming seniors, they became our target audience. We spent several hours before the hackathon brainstorming problems that occurred among the elderly, and we established that one of the largest concerns regarding them would be falling down. Several of us had personal stories regarding our grandparents falling down and unable to get assistance.

With our project idea in mind, we formulated a plan to create an easy to use wristband that could help the elderly contact EMS and alert bystanders of their situation. Using this technology, seniors can receive the aid they need in a short amount of time.

Once we had finished brainstorming we set out to create and develop the project. Our product is the u.Fall, which is capable of alerting EMS as well as alerting bystanders with the use of bright LEDs and a loud buzzer.

The first part of our product is the buzzer. The buzzer works alongside the accelerometer, and once a large change in speed is detected, the buzzer will sound, alerting everybody around the senior that there may be a situation where the senior needs help.

The next part of our product is the LED. Similar to how the buzzer works, the LEDs will flash and change colour once the accelerometer has reached a certain height and speed. This will produce a bright enough light to alert bystanders at night or in the dark.

Now, you may question us, on the occasion, the consumer accidentally drops their wristband how will the turn it off. That is where the final part of our product kicks in, the NFC chips. In the case that the consumer accidentally drops the product, we integrated NFC, there is a 10s period the user will have to scan the chip to disable the alarm, This will disable the alarm and EMS will not be disabled and the LEDs will stop flashing.

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