Pokemon rocks

What it does

Place two Pokemon cards next to each other. ICNDY will identify the Pokemon and spawn in two AR Pokemon, with stats and attack moves. Command your Pokemon with voice commands such as "Squirtle, use water gun!"

How we built it

Caffeine, C#, No experience

Technologies we used

Unity for Game engine and android packaging Vuforia for Augmented Reality and Augmented Image Tracking IBM Watson for real-time speech to text Stdlib for custom API to calculate Pokemon damage based on type 2D Printer to print color Pokemon cards :^)

Challenges we ran into

We tried to use Google AR Core for a long time before switching to Vuforia; there were many pros and cons between the two AR engines. Programming code around the logic of battle types and attack damage equations. Pokemon models found online were not rigged and had inconsistencies in their bodies that had to be fixed. UV Maps had to be reassigned.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Created a REST API for Pokemon Battles that is deployed and readily available on stdlib Learned how to use IBM Watson API and text to speech API Textures and animations interacting with the custom designed UI

What we learned

Sami learned Javascript while coding the API Ian learned Unity scripting, rigging and animating in Blender Josh learned a lot about Unity scripts and Augmented Reality/Vuforia Adin learned how to use IBM Watson and parse streaming data

What's next for I Choose (NDouble) YOU

Multiplayer functionality with Google Firebase Additional Pokemon, Pokemon types, attacks, and animations

Built With

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