Have you ever wondered, what you're throwing away? Thousands of people contribute to large landfill masses and unnecessary waste. "Unnecessary Waste" means waste that doesn't belong in the landfill or doesn't need to be thrown away at all. People are still finding huge amounts of trash in places it doesn't belong, and we've found a solution.

What it does

It takes pictures of the garbage and based on whether or not if it garbage or recycling, the trash will be shifted to

How we built it

We used clarifai and open cv to recognize the trash and we used servo motors to flip a piece of cardboard left and right based on its looks. The servos were connected to an Arduino.

Challenges we ran into

Machine learning and sleep. One issue led to the issue of the other.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made a website and we finished our hack!

What we learned

We learned more about neuronetworks and machine learning.

What's next for I can't believe it's not "trash"! (ICBINT)

We can learn to analyze the components of the trash so it will separate metal and cardboard to help



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