Sometimes, it's hard to know how people are feeling.

Sometimes it's hard to even know how you YOURSELF are feeling!

And a lot of the time, lots of people are scared / embarrassed to talk about their feelings.

This kind of passive information presentation runs on your most recent tweets (voice analysis was too hard in a crowded place) and tries to work out your mood based on the content of your twitterings!

This translates to some colours on a halo above your head.

What it does

Listens out for tweets from a specified account and runs some sentiment analysis I wrote. Once we kind of think we know what you are feeling, then your halo will change colours!

I even have some special hidden easter egg words to trigger super sweet animations.

How I built it

I used Python, selloptape and other random bits and pieces to hack together some (very basic) sentiment analysis. From this, I then started playing with the Twitter integrations that are possible (Tweepy for Python is a super useful API), before making cute animations using LED strips!

Challenges I ran into

I didn't want to make my own sentiment analysis (it thinks you're neutral way too often) - instead I wanted to use the API here, but I never got my account's API key - they didn't set me up! So I had no choice but to make my own :(

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

First solo hack? Never played around with LED strips before? Not ripping all my hair out when I sellotaped a raspberry pi to my head? Sentiment analysis and making computers do human stuff is cool.

What I learned

IoT hacks are cool and visually very powerful! Make beautiful stuff do cool things.

What's next for I can feel your halo, halo, haloooooooooooooo

Official Beyoncé endorsement?

Built With

  • battery-pack
  • coathanger
  • hairbands
  • led-strip
  • python
  • raspberry-pi-zero-w
  • sellotape
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