"Weeks for sure" to learn about a client's care preferences.

What it does

The Alzheimer Society’s campaign asks you to “See me, Not my disease”

The Problem We interviewed several organizations. We discovered that caregivers need “weeks for sure” to learn the unique preferences and care needs of each new resident. This knowledge helps them provide high quality care, problem-solve, and strategize to address agitated behaviour. It can be as simple as knowing they like salty food, or as complex as trying to understand why they are wandering. Details matter when trying to provide consistent, personalized, and dignified care.

The Platform Our web platform preserves the identity and dignity of persons living with dementia by providing professional caregivers with personalized, actionable care information that transitions with the individual across their care continuum. It allows individuals living with dementia, family, and professional caregivers to access and update details about the individual’s life story, interests, and daily care preferences.

A new caregiver can read the full profile to learn their story, review their preferences, and even search their interests for activities that calm them. Daily care needs, like bathing routines, can be printed or available on a tablet so all caregivers can provide consistent, high quality care. Caregivers can also scan the preferences of all residents on a floor in a visual overview for meals and other events.

The Impact People living with dementia can maintain their identity and their dignity. Caregivers have an easier time looking for root causes of agitated behaviour. We hope this lowers stress and improves the experience for people living with dementia and also their professional caregivers. Aggregated information from many residents can also improve resource planning for institutions, in terms of meals and even recreational activities.

We want people living with dementia to get consistent, personalized, and dignified care across the care continuum. We see people. Not their disease.

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