Allow website users to easily navigate through our website.

What it does

This chat bot was programmed as an question and answer machine. So far, we have curated certain questions such as "Where can I find mental illness aid?" This question will trigger a response we created telling the user to go to the parents tab.

How we built it

We downloaded node and then created a new bot kit in the command prompt. Then, once the bot kit was online, we went onto cisco webex teams platform and customized the chat bot to fit the topic of our website.

Challenges we ran into

Initially, we wanted to implement this chat bot into our website and have it on a new tab however, getting the json file to cooperate with HTML was very difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're happy that we at least got to customize the chat bot a little bit so that when we eventually implement the chat bot onto our website, we have some custom questions.

What we learned

We learned about node, and we learned more about navigating around the command prompt.

What's next for i am me chat bot

Next, we want to add another tab to our website and add this chat bot onto it. When we do this, we will also incorporate more question/ answer features. Lastly, we will try to link certain tabs in our website in the answer so that the user can redirect him/herself onto the page they are looking for.

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