When We started our hacker journey and journey into growing older in life we noticed we clearly lacked two things. There were many issues that were very hard to clear, be it in Hackathon, (errors) or in life (Depression, Anxiety, Loneliness) where having someone else with us would have made a lot of difference. Hence, we created this application. It is decentralized hence by its virtue of it, it will be essentially quasi anonymous, hence you can rest assured to share anything you would want on this platform.

You can use this platform, as an outlet to share what you feel like today, or some tips and tricks to help others go through what you have been feeling or felt. All of it will be stored on the DeSo blockchain. You can also post your profiles to mentor, counsel, or be a therapist. You can also set your own rates and get paid through the power of blockchain. The best part? if Someone likes your profile, they have the ability to directly DM you and discuss things in a much more private manner.

I am here to help you with whatever you need!

What it does

It is a React App, bootstrapped for CRA, it is built on the DeSo Blockchain. It allows users to find someone, be it mentors, therapists, helpers, friends, anyone you would typically meet in real life. For the people who want to earn some money by helping out people. they can post their profile and if someone likes them they can simply DM you directly over there. You can also get paid by them directly over the blockchain. So you have nothing to worry about.

How we built it

We built it using React and JavaScript, and we used DeSo as the blockchian.

Challenges we ran into

There were many challenges which we faced. Getting from dev to production proved to be quite an issue. Storing the publicKeys to make a whole ecosystem was also difficult. Using DeSo to work with images to show up properly on DiamondApp is always a pain. This time even the API seems to fail us. Apparently they have changed the way they hash and provide hash. Because no matter what node we tried this issue remained. Hence we were not able to link DiamondApp directly into our APP

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The fact that everything works and we were able to deploy it as well.

What we learned

A lot about Deployment, DeSo and React

What's next for I-Am-Here

improve it based on the feedback

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