We wanted to give users who don't normally engage with chat a chance to engage with their favorite streamers, and we also wanted to provide a collective "hive mind" from the chat to pair with the stream on screen.

What it does

Viewers can post into chat, prefaced with "!sg ", to suggest a thought or idea to the rest of the community. The most popular suggestions are displayed in a video component on screen in real time, and other viewers who have the same sentiment can post the suggestion they most agree to see it rise on screen. Suggestions have a finite lifespan, allowing new ideas to compete for the top spot on the charts. Works for all sizes of streaming communities.

How I built it

Stayed up all night. Drank lots of coffee.

Challenges I ran into

We had a number of hiccups getting our frontend functionality working. We are all backend guys, so that was fun.

What I learned

24 hours is a long time, and my body is that of an old man.

What's next for Hyve

Hopefully we have the time to continue development outside and finish the features!

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