Most of the team are students from UBC and in recent months, it has come to light that UBC has mishandled several reports of sexual harassment and assault. This is not an isolated situation. Across Canada, sexual assault on campus is vastly underreported, both by survivors and by schools.

What it does

The web app is intended to advocate transparency in regards to sexual violence on Canadian campuses. It gives a platform for student evaluation of schools based on their handling of sexual assault and harassment cases and provides a medium for survivors to anonymously report and share reports of sexual violence.

How we built it

Through hacking a Ruby on Rails tutorial

Challenges we ran into

  • Installing the actual Ruby on Rails software was a massive challenge; our team met on the day of nwHacks and came together to build this web app. However, installation was 90% debugging and 10% actual hacking.
  • Understanding the code beyond the tutorial

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Installing Ruby on Rails, gaining familiarity with debugging repeating errors Forming a team! Completing our first hackathon (4/5 members) Creating a web app that contributes to social justice and issues rampant in educational institutions

What we learned

  • How to use command line! (one of our members is completely new to back-end hacking)
  • How to use and hack in Ruby on Rails (and kinda in Ruby)
  • Data mining on actual reports of sexual assaults in campuses

What's next for Hypo-fish

  • expand its functionality by including rating, rankings, and comments
  • advocate for transparency by publishing statistical data
  • guarantee anonymity and privacy to users who submit reports
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