Hypnone is a nonlinear story that changes according to the atmosphere around the user and the user actions (basically sounds). The game is destined to mobile users having 12 years old or more.

Once started, the player finds himself in the dark in a labyrinth of abstract enigmas. little by little he learns that the sounds change the events and enigmas. The way to escape and the things he learned while escaping the enigmatic labyrinth may be useful to face the worst fears!

The story is a simulation of a dream. It is known that the mind creates the dreams in non linear, sometimes nonsense methodes. spots of lights, opening doors, enigmas, the story try to simulate what the mind creates during coma or dreams.

The story is sound sensitive, there are some keys to show this, once learn the dreamer may test the story in different places in order to guess the perfect atmposphere to solve the enigmas.

The way out is to open the application in a calm place, to avoid getting stuck in some enigmas, and escape the continous dream. Once out, the dreamer enters a tunnel of light and discover what all this was about. The whole dream was a preparation to escape one of the worst fears. The using the things he had learned, the player will have to know that making the loudest sounds (while it requires the calmest atmosphere to get there ) is the only way to survive.

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