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Being sneakerheads and gamers since elementary school, we are determined to create a trendy brand community for young people. A few months ago, we came across NBA Top Shot and spent a couple hundred $ in the game. We were addicted to the game, and the human nature of gambling drove us to purchase NBA Top Shot repeatedly. So, we had an idea: why don’t we deploy sneakers into NBA Top Shot so that people can win high-value real-world assets? On top of that, we wanted to add more gaming elements into the platform to allow users to play & earn.

For the online Mystery Box Platform, many people are complaining about the low transparency of the odds of winning and expressed the feeling of being scammed by Hybe. In this case, we realized we can solve this problem by disclosing these odds on blockchain.

Given Blockchain's nature of transparency, decentralized structures, and traceability, we adopted this decentralized solution using Non-Fungible Token (NFT) to make all mystery boxes traceable, thus making our brand and product credible. All transactions and opening of boxes are publicly available on the chain. In this case, the NFT solution provides us a simple, secure yet highly scalable way to interface reality with the virtual world.

What it does

HypeX is the first blockchain Game for Hypebeasts. The project aims to build a crypto-related metaverse game ecosystem that attracts non-crypto users to play & earn across multiple revenue streams.

In HypeX, players can purchase different types & levels of mystery boxes at various prices. Each mystery box is limited and has a certain probability of drawing a frictional NFT. HypeX guarantees users will get a higher value of NFT than the cost of the mystery box itself. All information regarding mystery boxes is transparent on blockchain. The odds of winning will be 100% secured and proved by the third party Chainlink VRF via blockchain. Both the probability and the purchase history of each mystery box will be recorded and made searchable on blockchain.

Other than the mystery box, HypeX provides games for users to leverage more of their NFTs. In the Fragment Refiner, users can upgrade their fragments to higher-value fragments. In the Melting Factory, users can melt their merchandise into fragments. In the Forging Factory, users can forge their fragments into merchandise. And in the NFT Morph Factory, users can merge NFTs into new random NFTs. In the future, HypeX will release more games for users to play & earn.

How we built it

The singleton is one the most prominent puzzle-solving feature in the Chia ecosystem, which inspires us to implement the unique NFT ID generation using Chia’s API. Given that singletons are always odd, the singleton created by Chia’s API can provide a doubly secured, easily encrypted, and highly scalable locking mechanism to stop malicious users from duplicating our NFT storage. Besides, the destroyable singleton enables us to create a new non-singleton coin with a simple “CREATE_COIN” condition. In this way, the singleton outer puzzle filters out the irrelevant storage since its accidental collision of the use amount could be probabilistically ignored. The coin-melting mechanism also empowers the traditional Layer 2 Blockchain Technology on the Ethereum Virtual Machine to boost scalability of our HypeX NFT Gaming Platform by removing outdated NFT art piece storage just like DELETE sql query. What Chia for us is what BEAST PostgreSQL for modern software.

(mod (singleton_full_puzzle_hash amount key_value_list) (include condition_codes.clvm) (defun sha256tree (TREE) (if (l TREE) (sha256 2 (sha256tree (f TREE)) (sha256tree (r TREE))) (sha256 1 TREE) ) ) ; main (list (list CREATE_COIN singleton_full_puzzle_hash amount) (list CREATE_COIN_ANNOUNCEMENT (sha256tree (list singleton_full_puzzle_hash amount key_value_list)))))

Payment by Chia also caught our attention using the simple puzzle in calculate_full_puzzle_hash and puzzle-hash-of-curried-function. Instead of our previous implementation of in-app wallet and interface with Metamask, the very single line of code below helps me to automatically encode and synchronize the payment information from user end with proven security.

; main (claim_rewards SINGLETON_MOD_HASH LAUNCHER_ID LAUNCHER_PUZZLE_HASH singleton_inner_puzzle_hash my_id)

Thank Notes: I really appreciate the developer community, design, and documentation of Chia. As a great fan of functional programming and lambda high-order function, I love Scheme/Lisp and cannot expect Chia to be written in such a concise manner. In our project, one-line Chia could shape our product immensely brilliant.

Challenges we ran into

UI We encountered a lot of styling issues (ex. button mismatch, page unresponsiveness, unable to overlay components and manage pop-ups, etc.) in React.js when we tried to code the frontend based on our Figma design. These issues were finally resolved by adjusting the jsx and css files, and implementing useState and useEffect hooks.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Successful training and processing of scalable NFT Art pieces using the CycleGAN model.
  • Successful pipeline and integration of all the techniques & all four tracks.

What we learned

  • Frontend Development in React.js and Node.js
    • State management to reflect user funds across different React components.
    • Writing good code (readable and compartmentalized).

What's next for HypeX

  1. Fund rasing
  2. Starting to develop our beta product
  3. Looking for more partners

Thanks Chia for Shaping Our Product For the Better What Chia for Us is What BEAST PostgreSQL for Modern Software

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