I was inspired by the pringles logo. It used to have more detail a few years ago and has since become more minimalist.

What it does

This headset is meant to be able to go with any gaming setup as well as be practical for everyday use. The headband can detach from the earcups via a 3.5 mm jack so that if any of the three parts were to be dysfunctional or broken, repairs are a lot cheaper.

How we built it

I used adobe dimension and all the starter assets were already in the software when first downloaded.

Challenges we faced

Going into this challenge I had no prior experience designing or creating a webpage. The only coding experience I have is from AP Computer Science A and Intro to Python.

What we learned

I tried out new software and websites I hadn't even touched before. I learned how to navigate through adobe dimensions and how to configure 3D models using the software.

What's next

I would like for the ear cups to somehow also function as speakers, I think that might be able to happen if the headphone jack of the ear cups were connected to a laptop.

Built With

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