We know that it can be often difficult to find specific and reliable information regarding hypertension; therefore, our team wanted to create an easy and accessible resource for individuals to educate themselves regarding hypertension!

What it does

This web app provides information to any questions regarding behavior changes that can help reduce the risks of hypertension. Furthermore, our web app includes a "hypertension diagnostic quiz" through the use of a chatbot! Ultimately, this would allow seniors and adults to quickly understand their symptoms. Additionally, users are able to sign up, volunteer, or donate through the links provided!

How we built it

This web app was built with React, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Challenges we ran into

When designing the web app, we ran into an issue where pages from the main App.js file would appear on other pages that we created. We also had issues with linking pages as well. What we decided to do to fix these challenges was to ask mentors from DeltaHacks! They were a great resource and helped us address our issues. We also went online to find solutions to our problem. Nothing specific was found but some examples did help you solve the problem.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Accomplishments that we're proud of: One thing that we are very proud of is the chatbox aspect of our website. We aimed to add some sort of informative tool that could easily be accessed and that would at the same time provide some important information. This chatbox provides the sole purpose as a quick quiz to help individuals quickly understand their symptoms. All in all, we are very proud of this tool, and are very happy with how it turned out!

What we learned

We learned a lot from this project, I think using react definitely had its challenges at certain times but nothing we couldn't pass over. I think we also learned a lot as a group from others and it was definitely a great experience as whole and an incredible learning opportunity,

What's next for Hypertension Guide!

We would make the chat box more interactive, where the user may ask their questions to volunteers that would help them with information they need. The web app would be more pleasing of course and have more interactive elements for a better user experience.

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