Visualising past the third-dimension was somewhat of an intriguing impossibility until the computing powers of python graphic suites made it possible

What it does

Allows the user to create and rotate n-dimensional objects and project them in a 3d vector space

How we built it

We generated vectors using haskell along with some basic analysis. We then ran the vectors through our code which could rotate and create a wire frame in the third dimension

Challenges we ran into

The mathematics behind the concept were tricky to say the least.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Grappling with graduate level mathematics in order to create a tool useable for all. Also, processing documentation is virtually non-existent for python version.

What we learned

Several graduate level mathematics concepts including n-dimensional vector spaces, hyperplanes, projection of n-dimensional objects to n-1 dimensional objects.

What's next for HyperPlane

Using the program from the command line with inputs so that it can be called from other projects that work in n-dimensional spaces.

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