There are two main inspirations that have convinced me to build this application. Those are IoT and Adam Curtis's 2016 documentary Hypernormalisation.

IoT is an intriguing subject, because of the thought of everyday physical appliances-like an oven or a traffic signal possessing sensors and being interconnected amazes me. This provides plentiful benefits that can assist people in making their everyday lives easier in this day and age, despite the security and privacy concerns. When applying this technology to a home, dwellers can go about their daily maintenance without having to apply much physical effort. Adjusting an oven, changing the room temperature, adjusting light levels and so forth, all would be made easy to operate from simply a digital application that is connected to such devices.

The second inspiration provides the namesake for the application. Curtis's documentary discusses how a fake world built by politicians, corporations and other people involved (e.g., academics, think tank experts) has been accepted by the general public.

What it does

Hypernorm basically utilizes the ICON Network to store information about sensors on Loopchain. Data from IoT devices will be stored on the blockchain to foster enhanced data security.

How I built it

In building this application, I arranged the project mostly based on how a typical React.js project is organized. The "src" folder contains the files for building the web dApp. Other folders include the "score_contract" folder which contains the contract class "HypernormalContract" that can connect the dApp to the ICON Network.


The biggest challenge that I have encountered was connecting the dApp to the ICON Network.

What's next for Hypernorm

Hopefully, to have it be officially connected and get the dApp functioning as desired.

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