Spatial Optimisation For Cargo Loading Across Container Fleets


Cargo Companies are losing 54 Billion Euros each year due to the underutilization of space. Current packing methods are based on trial and error and often result in efficient allocation of within a container and across containers.

What it does

Measure Module - Measures packages of any shape and size with Augmented Reality with up to 0.1cm accuracy.

Optimisation Module - Measurements along with parameters such as weight, fragility, stackability are uploaded to the cloud where a bin-packing algorithm takes into consideration all these parameters and the number of available containers. Which returns how and where the packages should be packed to optimize the space while staying within the packages parameters

Visualization Module - The instructions and coordinates obtained from the bin-packing algorithm are feed into the game engine which then renders them in order and with all their relevant parameters and details. So the packers on the ground know exactly how to pack and where to pack them to.

How we built it

Using apple's augmented reality platform for the measurement Using Python, Flask, and Node.js for the backend and bin packing algorithm Using Unity and C# for visualization

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having created an entire suite that is linked together seamlessly to optimize space with the least amount of new hardware infrastructure

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