What it does

With Hyperlinks you can manage, categorize, and visualize your bookmarks in Microsoft Teams. Collect all your relevant links in link lists and different categories to keep a better overview and find your links quickly. Share your links to a Teams channel and edit them together with your colleagues.


Hyperlinks provides you with a structured overview of all your bookmarks within MS Teams. Add websites or teams sites, files or conversations to your link lists and illustrate your links with an icon. Set any link as a favorite.


With the Hyperlinks app you can use your link lists privately, or you can share them with your colleagues in any Microsoft Teams channel with just a few clicks.

How I built it

I started from a template that my company has for developing new Microsoft Teams Apps. Within this template is the basic structure of the frontend and an example for a backend which is prepared for the use in Microsoft Azure. At the first I started to build up the frontend, I imported all needed extensions, frameworks and so on. After the first prototype of the frontend was finished, I started to build my backend for it.

The frontend is for adding links, organis collections and so on. In the backend, the data gets processed and saved in an SQL database.

The whole app is hosted on Microsoft Azure.

What I learned

I learned a lot of new things while developing and publishing this app. For example, how I can interact with Microsft Azure and how I can use the provided services right. And all the things I need to keep an eye on while publishing the app to the teams store impressed me.

What's next for Hyperlinks

In the future we want to wait for the first customer reviews, so that we can decide what the app needs next.

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