HyperHelp was inspired by our drive to help the most vulnerable in our society, quickly, efficiently and for free. We strive to help our local communities become greater connected.

  • HyperHelp is based on the idea of three principles. Speed, ease of use and trust. HyperHelp connects the most vulnerable of our society to nearby helpers (HyperHelpers), who help them achieve tasks they struggle with. In return, HyperHelpers are entitled to HyperPoints which can be spent on discounts at their favourite stores and brands, giving them great satisfaction. This is a much faster system than current methods and ensures people receive the help they need as quick as possible.

  • We ensure trust in our users through allowing HyperHelpers to be rated by those who they are helping, building trust in their local communities.

  • We also have our in built the idea of ease of use thoroughly into our app. For example our virtual card, allowing for transactions to be made securely and quickly on behalf of the vulnerable person, allowing them to view virtual receipts and allow purchases on their own behalf with their money for things like groceries. We have a flexible log in log out system meaning HyperHelpers can help whenever is best for them. With features such as Henri, our in app chatbot that helps those using the app communicate with us (the developers) as well as helping users use the app we greatly increase the ease of use of our application.

  • We ensure our business viability through the model that Businesses will pay to be partners with us and use their advertising and branding in our HyperPoints store.

  • We saw great challenges in creating memorable branding as well as developing the website which we will demo.

  • We are all proud of what we have achieved, especially our brand, product and our ideas. We have worked well and efficiently to help come up with something that can be used for the betterment of our society.

  • We have all learned different things from creating amazing branding to developing chat bots, overall our knowledge has been enhanced by our work.

  • Next for HyperHelp, we want to develop a mobile application as well as start getting businesses to join us as partners. Hopefully we can roll out the app and produce something that can really better society.

Here is our website: https://hyperhelp.buzz/index.html

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