We wanted to create a device that could provide important medical information about a person in a serious medical emergency. Say someone passes out or starts seizing on the ground, but you know nothing about the person or how to help, what can you do? If you were registered with HyperHealth, and wore a MediBand then you could quickly be scanned and get your medical conditions or allergies to the professional first responders that need to know.

What it does

This app reads in information from NFC chips, and is able to write a medical profile to an NFC chip. Each PickHacks wristband is our MediBand. The NFC chip on the wristband can store data about your medical history, so that if there is some sort of medical emergency, people could find out what help you need

How we built it

We used source files, and lots of editing to be able to create a simple, yet effective NFC reader app that can hold and read medical information on your wristband. Lots of string manipulation, and some crazy functions on android studio

Challenges we ran into

Where to begin. We had no clue where to start with this goal. Most of the team members are Aerospace Engineers, so lets say coding isn't our forte. We had some great help from a mentor, and lots of self teaching to be able to build a working and effective app that could change how medical responders approach a situation

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made an app. That's something I honestly never really thought I would be able to say. Especially with the little coding skills that I know, we were able to make a product that could have some serious real world applications.

What we learned

We learned a lot about android studio, and some of the general basics of java. We had no clue what an NFC chip was coming into this event, so this definitely opened our eyes to many new possibilities

What's next for HyperHealth

We would like to possibly work with Missouri S&T to implement this into the NFC chips that are inside of our student ID's. This could help many students that could possibly need help in a very serious medical situation

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