As developers, we know that writing documentation is a chore, but high quality docs are invaluable. We make it easy to write docs, simple to keep them up to date, and help you view them when you need them most.

What it does

It is an editor plugin that lets you write documentation side by side while you write code. Describe what your code does while it's fresh in your mind, not next week.

How we built it

  • VSCode editor plugin as the client
  • Flask server to communicate with the client, generate html, process data
  • Mongodb database as our document store

Challenges we ran into

Dealing with multiple users working on the same comments was tricky. Keeping track of comment locations in a source file was hard (until we found a better way!)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We quickly put together a bare-bones version of our product, and used it while building out the rest of the features. By using our own software from the first step, we learned a lot about how users will interact with our product, what makes it valuable, and what features are a priority.

What we learned

Even for a 2 person team, written documentation makes communication easier, and bugs less frequent.

What's next for Hyperdoc

Launch :)

Built With

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