There are a ton of enterprise chat engines out there. While many have graduated from being a communication channel for casual conversations, the enterprise editions are mostly an extended version with add ons. What is important for an enterprise chat engine is the ability to bring in more effectiveness. Businesses have tons of conversations with teams spread across locations and time zones. Over a period of time it gets harder and harder to separate the matter from all the clutter and noise. Viber now being a part of Rakuten, has a huge potential to start making an impact on this front, starting with catering to its own group companies and move into the space later, where the likes of Slacks and MS Teams exist. A chat engine in a "hyper" mode, brining in an intelligence of its own is what this is all about. There is so much scope for bringing value and making an impact, starting new trends

What it does

Learns what is being discussed Grasps the context Nudges you based on when your attention, in a priority mode Periodic summaries - who needs confusing and convoluted MoMs. No more meetings that can be done on chats and emails

How I built it

Yet to be built

Challenges I ran into


Accomplishments that I'm proud of


What I learned


What's next for "Hyper Viber"

Rapid acquisition Monetisation with integration with Rakuten Loyalty Highly flexible licensing model - pay for only what you use, when you use

Built With

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