HyperValence is a crowdfunding platform that allows fans to support emerging artists through purchase of a tradable, digital collectible (Proof-of-Fandom) also known as the Artist’s HypeCoin (shortened as HYPE.) HyperValence doubles up as a rewards platform for original fans where their HYPE entitles them access to exclusive perks from the Artist.

HyperValence allows emerging artists to secure support for their musical endeavours without the need for big labels and without sacrificing the discoverability and audience that comes with big streaming services like Spotify and YouTube.

Through all this, HyperValence aims to help bedroom producers receive support and build up an organic audience that feeds into a unique Artist brand, easing the process of discovery by labels.

To find out more about our project have a look at our Github repository or our White-Paper linked below.

Whitepaper : https://www.dropbox.com/s/dc0uo67xe54b59e/HyperValence_WP.pdf?dl=0

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