My inspiration in this project were:

  1. solving a real problem
  2. work with new (for me) technology - blockchain and smart contracts
  3. creating of working project in really short time

What it does

Allows to automate manual operations in logistics via blockchain smart contracts. Data from IoT devices is used as input for smart contracts.

How I built it


  • blockchain network with smart contracts - makes decisions that valuable for business. All code is fully-protected (digital signing, distributed ledger) and invoked in separated secure container;
  • backend app - receives data from sensors and sends it to the blockchain. Also communicates with mobile app and send to it information about condition of cargo. In more real app backend would also processes data from IoT sensors and works with frontend;
  • iOS app - to show final result of work (condition of cargo);
  • tools to simulate work of IoT device.

Challenges I ran into

Deficit of time, unknown language (Go). My friends weren’t able to get to Junction, so I was not sleeping so much in these days :-)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My app is simple, but it works and do the job via blockchain.

What I learned

Blockchain is progressive technology, and now I can imagine how it will change many aspects of our life.

What's next for Hyper Fleet

What I would do if I have more time:

  1. make more “smart contracts” for other things - supply contract, driver rating etc. + add some relations between them (inside blockchain)
  2. work with real IoT
  3. for mobile app I would change pulling of data to pushing, to make it more interactive.

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