All the E-commerce sites that exist focuses on selling products to users. What if you could post something you want and the seller gets to you? Different right? This is what inspired me to make Hyper!

What it does

Hyper lets you post an item that you're looking for along with the price range, and then a person who wishes to sell that item contacts you to make a deal.

How I built it

I build the app with Java using Android Studio for Android. All the UI elements were prototyped initially with the help of Sketch. I used Parse by FaceBook as a backend for the app.

Challenges I ran into

My #1 challenge in making the app was to intergrate material design and polish all the app's features in a short period of time!

What I learned

I really learnt a lot about Android Studio and working with Java and Parse.

What's next for Hyper

Hyper is currently tackling a small part, connecting buyers and sellers, of a potentially huge craigslist. In the short term, I want to expand the app to incorporate business scenarios.

In the future, I plan to incorporate machine learning to recommend users what they might like to sell or what they might like to buy.

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