We saw that many people needed small external validation to kickstart their goals. We feel that in an age of social media causing massive polarization and disruption to social norms, we wanted to create a social platform for ultimate good. Introducing: HYPEMAN! The platform that hypes you up!

What it does

Ever wanted to ask a question for advice? You can do that here! Readers can 'up-hype' your post and send energy your way! But what if you're not feeling like posting? What if that's too much work? There's a feature called HYPEBOOST that, when selected, notifies everyone in your network to GIVE YOU SOME HYPE by asking you to SCREAM into the microphone! The app comes with a leaderboard for those that give and receive the most "hype points", moderation for negative comments, and an extremely sleek, lightweight user interface!

How I built it

Pure HTML,CSS, JS and a solid Google Firebase backend.

Challenges I ran into

We explored a lot of technologies like an Amazon Alexa, Standard library, etc. And had to pivot several times because of the challenges we faced when trying to learn new technologies. In the end, we settled on HYPEMAN!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting it done! We worked through the night to make it look absolutely stunning!

What I learned

How to break down tasks and finish a polished project quickly! And how to write better devpost entries and better sell our project! Also, we learned that you should pivot sooner rather than later if a new feature or technology we were exploring did not work. Knowing when is essential.

What's next for Hypeman

More positive social features and monetization for consumer facing business models. Also add more complex methods of moderation to keep the community positive!

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