Billions of dollars are lost every year due to false speculation in the stock market. This is why we made HypeDesk. HypeDesk is a financial tool which analyzes twitter trends to minimize speculation when investing in stocks. It finds trends in tweets to advise users whether to buy, sell, or short the stock. We used the twitter api to scrape and find trends in the data to provide an accurate estimate of whether the stock will be looking to go on a bull run or a bear run. Some of the challenges we ran into while coding was that our sentiment analysis was using too many requests on Watson. We overcame this challenge by using a sentiment analysis library that used word dictionary instead. We are proud that we have created a way to reduce ever growing problem of false speculation while investing. In this hackathon we learned how to distribute work amongst ourselves and successfully produce a fully functioning application that solves a real world problem. In the future we would like to expand to many other industries so users would be able to compare the prices of things other than stocks.

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