As four women who are all interested in pursuing careers within STEM, we understand what it is like to sometimes be overlooked. We can empathize with women and non-binary people everywhere who feel as though their accomplishments are overshadowed, or simply not celebrated as they should be. We want to ensure that every single person feels proud of their accomplishments and has someone cheering them on, and hyping them up.

What it does

“All The Hype” is a website that allows the user to input an accomplishment that they are proud of, or want to be recognized for. Our website takes this accomplishment and some other information regarding it, and sends back personalized messages celebrating what they achieved. In other words, we hype the user up as they deserve. Our website can be used as a personal avenue for women, and anyone who needs it, to feel uplifted and proud of their accomplishments. The user can also choose to share their accomplishments on our twitter, and help us celebrate women’s achievements across our community. If the user decides they want to share their achievement, @AllThatHype__ will tweet what they have entered with the option to remain anonymous, so that they can continue to be supported and celebrated beyond our website!

Visit the Twitter page to view users accomplishments


How we built it

This project was built using React js, which is an open-source front-end JavaScript library for building user interfaces or UI components and utilized the twitter API. We first developed the UI as a user flow chart and then developed high-fidelity wireframes in Figma. We used Github for version control and to keep track of the edits in the code since our team was working remotely while also productively using the "live share" feature on Visual Studio Code to effectively collaborate with each other. The Twitter API was used to enable users to conveniently share their accomplishments with the world, if they want to, by tweeting it on the "AllTheHype" twitter account directly through the website. We were able to make these api requests through an Express JS server. Furthermore, the API was used to produce a live twitter feed on the website to allow users to witness their accomplishments being shared.

Challenges we ran into

It was important to our team that the “Hype messages” were personalized in some way, so that the user understands that they themselves deserve to be proud of what they have accomplished. However, this brought forth the challenge of developing phrases that could be used universally, regardless of what the user’s accomplishment is or how they wrote it. Additionally, every member of our team was new to React, and thus the challenge came not only in working with a new language, but in using it effectively as a collective group. Through research, tutorials and group support we were able to successfully utilize React in producing our website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully using React to implement all of the front-end despite ⅔ of the team not having used React previously. Efficiently collaborating as a team through Github and by features such as live share on vscode. Successfully using the Twitter API to allow users to share their accomplishments with the world Every member of our team was presented with opportunities to learn and implement new things and to take away meaningful skills from this experience.

Also, check our twitter (@AllTheHype__) to see our personal accomplishments from the hackathon that we have posted using our website!

What we learned

Two of the members of our team have never participated in a hackathon and some were even at the very beginning of their coding journey in general. We were able to learn how to balance the varying skill levels to be productive and ensure every member had a role, and came out of this experience having applied their programming knowledge in a new way.

What's next for Hype

As All The Hype gains more traction, we hope to expand our following on twitter. The impact the site could have on individuals is strong, but its impact on a greater community could be so much stronger if our platform was larger.

We also are aware of the potential for people to abuse the platform and our mission. As of right now, we have no way of verifying the legitimacy of the accomplishments or people being posted to our twitter, and are not vetting through posts ahead of time. To pick and choose posts seems counter-intuitive to our overall goal, and thus we will need to continue to brainstorm ways of verifying these posts without discouraging users from celebrating their accomplishments with supporters beyond themselves.

Currently as you enter our website, you can see spotlighted pictures of women with incredible accomplishments. In the future it would be our hope to have the spotlight be focused on some users of All That Hype!

As of right now, our team has been creating general “hype messages” that can be adjusted to make them personal. In the future, we would like to look into implementing machine learning to craft these “hype messages”, making them even more personalized, and having a greater personal effect on the user. The more specific the messages are to the person, the more they will feel that they are truly being recognized for what they have accomplished.

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