During our first board meeting we deliberated that there had never really been a good app that allowed you to find local events at any given time. Therefore our vision was to design an app that implemented the simplicity of apps such as SnapChat and Instagram while offering a core functionality that can be used by all.

What it does

Hype allows users to share events that they are hosting or at already, allowing other users to find and see what's popular in real time. All users are kept totally anonymous so you won't have to worry about privacy concerns.

How we built it

Complex algorithms written in Java and NodeJS are used to calculate the locations of events based on where users 'hype' an area. Dense areas with frequent hypes are ranked above other smaller events that users may not be interested in.

Challenges we ran into

None of our team had experience with any of the tools we used before the event. We taught ourselves to use them from scratch and crafted something beautiful out of them.

What's next for Hype

With continued development we intend to add many more features such as social interaction as well as sponsored events.

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