Introducing a brand new health/fitness social app! (with a unique name not found in Google's play store or Apple's app store )


  • Perfect for active folks to plan and go on hikes with friends (especially suitable for Vancouver)
  • Documents previous hikes in a gallery on the user's sleek profile

Key Features:

  • Google Maps API (displays user's current location + nearby hiking trails)
  • Provides trail search results using information from the Hikingproject Data API (an online hiking trails database)


  • can develop an Azure-based backend to pull data from our database of users to display the location of the user's friends (we almost got it working :c )
  • can be updated to include facebook login/find friends functionalities
  • can create a whole suite of apps (e.g. Bykr, Walkr, Joggr) or combine multiple activities in one app

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