Inclusive Inspiration

Why Coffee Hacks Teams? We are a team that is culturally diverse and has different stories around the topic social inclusion.

Laura has taken part in the Leading Inclusively program and noticed that even highly experienced coaches and leaders struggle to know how to best express themselves and allow others to express themselves.

Team member, Divya's inspiration is her own experiences around social inclusion. As a female, as an international student, as a junior employee in the team, as a woman of colour, she could relate and empathize well around the problem and she is looking forward to finding/making a difference in the community.

In our team discussion, as we have three current University students and a coach in the team, we shared that team projects at Uni can be quite stressful, since you have to get to know many diverse people and it is hard to know how to make sure that everyone feels included and contributes in the ways that work best for them. Despite our personality patterns, we show up differently in different groups.

What it does

It allows Uni students to create a base profile that represents what they find important to share with others. Every student sees all the teams they belong to and can personalise a team specific avatar by displaying their role in that team, access hours for that team assignment and see a team agreement that was established between the members of that particular team. Each person is able to change the colour of their team avatar based on how that team is affecting them at a particular time. There is a whiteboard and a way to track team milestones. Users get the rewards for using the program to encourage communication.

Unique Value Proposition : Inclusion through gamification mindset End-users : University students/ instructors Customer : Universtiy Future scope : Corporates/ organisations

How we built it

We did research around the pain points of social inclusion and issues We used the prototyping tool bubble.

Challenges we ran into

We had many ideas how to bring the concepts to life and took some time to find appropriate ways to allow users to engage with the application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Market research (survey and interviews) gave us confidence that what we are creating is in demand across all age groups, genders, and occupations in different geographies. We worked well as a team achieving all milestones on time.

What we learned

That there are so many barriers to feel included in a group. We learned how to turn a problem that was observed in corporates into something that could be highly relevant to the University students as early adopters. We came up with a business model that we can pursue. As a team, we introduced different apps like Miro, Slack, Typeform etc.

What's next for HYF Coffee Hacks

More customer interviews and market analysis Extensive research on Business Model, the Revenue model, Developing and testing the MVP with University students, getting in touch with the University Administrators to test the hypothesis of our business model.

Built With

  • bubble
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posted an update

Team Checkpoint 1

Team Agreement

  • Yayai.. we all met finally at 5.00 pm
  • Zoom Meeting, Slack channel for communication
  • Social Inclusion Topic
  • Google Drive for sharing files
  • Team Name - Coffee hacks as well all love Coffee

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