A few years ago spent a bunch of time on Lincoln Road Footmall, in Miami Florida. It didnt take too long to realize that depending on the Hour of the day, the demographic was drastically different. This meant that if stores had Static ads in their window they may miss the up to 75% of the eyeball on their ad space, depending on what demo they were targeting with Mannequins and Big Banners.

Since then I have spent plenty of time in high foot traffic areas, where the ability to advertise to people outside the store hasnt changed all that drastically since the late 1980's.

As I mulled around a solution that I could program myself, I realized what I really wanted was to build a Real World Engagement Platform that could be used to prompting real people, to take real actions, in the real world.

So we set out to achieve 5 things: 1 - Reward Consumers for showing loyalty to the brands and shops the frequent regularly. 2 - Provide a Platform To Engage Real people in the Real World Around them. 3 - Allow Storefronts to advertise more effectively Direct to consumer advertisements can be tailored specifically to the person in front of the store 4 - Allow Physical locations to gather demographic data about the eyes who can view their window space. 5 - Provide a mechanism for Companies to Directly connect with their most loyal customers.

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